Psy Ops



PsyOps campaigns can range from simple communications to civilians instructing them on where to go in the event of combat operations, to long-term campaigns aimed at increasing literacy. Even seemingly simple instructions, however, have to be treated with delicacy. Choosing the right words, images and material was necessary to instill trust in the Canadian and International Forces.


Kandahar Air Field, colloquially known as KAF, was a large, multinational camp based at the largest airport in the south of the country. It was ISAF’s regional headquarters in the south of the country and housed over 25,000 army personnel.

Third Location Decompression

Returning from combat can prove difficult. To ease this transition, the Canadian troops returning home from their deployment in Afghanistan stopped in Cyprus for a couple days for a “Third Location Decompression.” There they could cope with stress, assist to required mental health briefings, rest for the time being or simply celebrate with comrades.