Brave Souls: Heroes Amongst Us

First seen as angelic caregivers, then as heroic figures, nurses played a crucial role in the first half of the 20th century in transforming the way women were perceived in the medical field, and in society. Their letters are a valuable record of their situation as nurses and women.

Students are invited to meet six Canadian nurses through the letters they sent to their loved ones back home, before sharing their findings in a short writing exercise.

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Exhibition- They Cared: The Origins of Military Nursing

The exhibition, comprised of 6 panels, traces the birth of military nursing. It presents the journey of several military nurses during the First World War and the continued contributions of the nursing profession to society.

Nurses During WWI

Students will explore Canada’s participation in World War I and the conditions (battles, casualties, etc.) that led to the Canadian Army Medical Corps’ intervention.

Tragedy at Sea: The Llandovery Castle

Students will learn more about the Llandovery Castle tragedy, a hospital-ship that was attacked by the Germans.