Exhibition- They Cared: the Origins of Military Nursing

The exhibition, comprised of 6 panels, traces the birth of military nursing. It presents the journey of several military nurses during the First World War and the continued contributions of the nursing profession to society.

How to Assemble the Exhibition Panels?

See the video below to learn how to assemble the exhibition’s metal frames and printed fabric panels.


Contact us at 438-826-4599 or education@jemesouviens.org to book the exhibition.

You can also explore the virtual version of the exhibition.

Complementary material to the exhibition

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Replica Uniforms

Get the chance to interact with our replica uniforms from the Great War. We lend both the soldier’s and the nurse’s uniform so that students can picture how people dressed during wartime. The uniforms offer a small insight into the daily lives of the ordinary people who participated in this unprecedented event.

Nurses During WWI

Students will explore Canada’s participation in World War I and the conditions (battles, casualties, etc.) that led to the Canadian Army Medical Corps’ intervention.

Tragedy at Sea: The Llandovery Castle

Students will learn more about the Llandovery Castle tragedy, a hospital-ship that was attacked by the Germans.