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Indigenous Soldiers of the Great War (1914-1918)

Thousands of soldiers of Indigenous descent served in the Canadian Army during the Great War. This article provides a brief overview of their presence at the front and the many issues they faced, in addition to the war itself.

Charles C. Merritt – Victoria Cross Recipient

One of 16 Canadians who was awarded the Victoria Cross during the Second World War, Charles C. Merritt earned this honour for his heroic actions to try and capture as much ground as possible at Dieppe.

Virtual exhibition: They Cared – The Game

As a companion to our They Care exhibit, put yourself in the shoes of nursing sister Miriam Eastman Baker in this interactive game!

Holiday Reading (2022)

It's a new year and the JMS team is back with a new selection of books, movies and TV shows to discover during the holiday season!

The First World War in Sub-Saharan Africa

Major battles were waged in sub-Saharan Africa during the First World War. This second article in our two-part series on the non-European theatres of this war provides an overview of different military fronts in Africa.

The Polish Forces at Dieppe

Canadian and British troops were not the only ones who fought at Dieppe, as the Polish army performed many notable feats both in the air and on the sea.

Top 10 most beautiful mustaches (in war)

A (relatively) subjective list of the 10 most beautiful mustaches during World War I compiled by the entire JMS team.

Remembrance day

Remembrance Day is important to all Commonwealth countries. Why is the poppy its symbol? What is the importance of this day? What is remembrance?

The First World War in Asia (1914-1918)

The First World War was not just a European conflict. This first in a two-part series on the war outside Europe gives an overview of the various Asian fronts of this war.

The Aleutian Island Campaign (1942-1943)

The fighting in the Aleutian Islands is one of the lesser-known fronts of World War II. And yet, just off the coast of Alaska, a major campaign was conducted by the Allies to combat the Japanese occupiers.

The Military Service of Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II served in the British Army for a short time during World War II. This article aims to explore this brief period of her life, while she was still a princess.

Dollard Ménard – Commander of the Fusiliers Mont-Royal

One of the most important commanders in the history of the Fusiliers Mont-Royal, Dollard Ménard led his soldiers at the Dieppe raid and was wounded five times. However, his injuries did not prevent him from going on to have a notable military career.

The Regiments of Jubilee in Great Britain (part #2): Garrison Life

The Canadian regiments stationed in Great Britain often had to find unique ways to spend their time. As training only represented some of their duties, they had to find strategies to fill their days while garrisoned for long months.

The Regiments of Jubilee in Great Britain (part #1) : Training

In preparation for the war in Europe, Canada sent several regiments to be stationed in Britain. There, the men were subjected to intensive training. This article is the first part of a two-part series.

Narnia – Between Fiction and Reality

Did the Second World War inspire the Chronicles of Narnia? This article explores the link between the famous saga and real life events.