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The Aleutian Island Campaign (1942-1943)

The fighting in the Aleutian Islands is one of the lesser-known fronts of World War II. And yet, just off the coast of Alaska, a major campaign was conducted by the Allies to combat the Japanese occupiers.

The Military Service of Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II served in the British Army for a short time during World War II. This article aims to explore this brief period of her life, while she was still a princess.

Dollard Ménard – Commander of the Fusiliers Mont-Royal

One of the most important commanders in the history of the Fusiliers Mont-Royal, Dollard Ménard led his soldiers at the Dieppe raid and was wounded five times. However, his injuries did not prevent him from going on to have a notable military career.

The Regiments of Jubilee in Great Britain (part #2): Garrison Life

The Canadian regiments stationed in Great Britain often had to find unique ways to spend their time. As training only represented some of their duties, they had to find strategies to fill their days while garrisoned for long months.

The Regiments of Jubilee in Great Britain (part #1) : Training

In preparation for the war in Europe, Canada sent several regiments to be stationed in Britain. There, the men were subjected to intensive training. This article is the first part of a two-part series.

Narnia – Between Fiction and Reality

Did the Second World War inspire the Chronicles of Narnia? This article explores the link between the famous saga and real life events.

Landing Crafts: The Means of Transport to Dieppe

The Dieppe Raid required numerous types of landing craft. This short article explores some of them!

What a Dieppe Soldier Carried

Whether it was military equipment or personal gear, Canadian soldiers stationed in Britain brought a lot of items with them before each operation! This short article is intended to provide an overview of the equipment they carried with them.

Sonny Castro, the actor of Sham Shui Po

After volunteering to defend the colony of Hong Kong during the Japanese attack in December 1941, Sonny Castro became a memorable character at the prison camps through his impersonations of great actresses.

Indigenous soldiers in Hong Kong

A few Indigenous soldiers went to Hong Kong to defend the colony. This short article aims to shed light on their journey before and after the battle.

Mary Greyeyes Reid

Mary Greyeyes Reid was the first Indigenous woman to join the Canadian Women’s Army Corps (CWAC). That fact alone is enough to make her famous. But she’s also the subject of a very famous photo.

National Patriots’ Day: A Military History

Since November 2002, the late-May holiday has been recognized as National Patriots’ Day by the Quebec government. Previously known by other names such as the Fête de Dollard, or the Queen’s Birthday, this day actually has a rich military tradition that is often forgotten.

Lena Hayakawa and her internment in Canada

During the war, Lena Hayakawa spent most of her childhood in internment with her family. A story, unfortunately, quite common for Japanese Canadians.

Animals at War

A subjective list of our top 10 favourite animals who demonstrated courage and valour in war.

Matron Margaret Fraser

Matron Fraser was one of the many Nursing Sisters who made the ultimate sacrifice during the First World War.