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Animals at War

A subjective list of our top 10 favourite animals who demonstrated courage and valour in war.

Matron Margaret Fraser

Matron Fraser was one of the many Nursing Sisters who made the ultimate sacrifice during the First World War.

Operation Unifier: Canada in Ukraine

An interview with Captain Nathalie Gareau, who was deployed to Ukraine in 2019.

April Fools’ Day (2022): The Attack of the Narwhals

Our April Fool's Day for the year 2022: learn more about the terrible attack of an army of narwhals on the Allied troops during World War II!

Virtual event: WW2 Civilian Internment in Hong Kong

This month for the Hong Kong Veteran Commemorative Association's virtual events, historian Martin Heyes from Hong Kong and Julien Lehoux, our content manager, were invited!

Cynthia Oakley, C.W.A.C.

A native of Toronto, Cynthia Oakley joined the Canadian Women's Army Corps during the Second World War and paved the way for more women in the military.

Winnie Roach-Leuszler

Winnie Roach-Leuszler (CWAC) made history as the first Canadian to swim the English Channel.

Isabel May McDonald: Teacher, Typographer, and Telegrapher

The story of how Isabel McDonald’s efforts in the W.R.C.N.S. contributed to allied success during the Second World War.

The French-speaking soldiers of Force C

Thousands of French Canadians served in the army during the Second World War. In this short article, we present the experience of the Francophone soldiers who fought in Hong Kong.

Edwin Erwin Phillips

A sergeant in the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War II, Edwin Erwin Phillips had a distinguished career before his tragic death in Poland.

The Carty Brothers

Coming from a true veteran family, the Carty brothers all served in the Canadian Army during the Second World War.

Canadian Nurses in Hong Kong

The story of the two nurses who accompanied the "C" Force to Hong Kong.

The prisoner of war camps in Hong Kong and Japan

After the terrible battle of Hong Kong, Canada lost every one of its men. In fact, all soldiers from “C” Force fell either during or after the fighting, as 290 Canadians died, 493 were wounded, and the rest were imprisoned in Japanese camps.

Gander – The dog of the “C” Force

More than the mascot of the “C” Force, Gander accompanied the Canadians to Hong Kong and sacrificed himself during the battle.

The final assault on Stanley Village

The Canadian soldiers of “C” Force showed great distinction often during the Battle of Hong Kong. This last in a two-part series of articles relates the events of the Canadians’ final attack at Stanley Village.