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John K. Lawson – Commander of the “C” Force

After an illustrious career in World War I, Lawson stood out as an ambitious man who wanted to serve his country.

The “C” Force

A quick portrait of the “C” Force, the Canadians forces that were assembled to fight in Hong Kong in 1941.

The Diefenbunker

A piece of Cold War history in Canada.

Music in the Canadian Armed Forces

An interview with Sergeant Marie-Pier Laflamme, CD.

Francis Pegahmagabow

A legacy of talent and perseverance.

Military Nurses: Where it All Began

The nursing profession dates back to well before World War I, and its first traces can be found across the ocean in the 1800s.

The Hercules: A Flagship Aircraft of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF)

An iconic Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) aircraft that has flown many important missions!

Jennie Carignan – A Military Woman of Many Accomplishments

A woman of passion and perseverance, Jennie Carignan is a major figure in the Canadian Armed Forces.

A Miraculous Survivor of the First World War

Ethelbert “Curley” Christian was a soldier in the First World War who helped lay the foundations for a program to assist disabled veterans.

Charles Lightfoot Roman – A True Trailblazer

Father, distinguished surgeon, soldier, author, researcher, and lecturer: these are the many hats worn by Charles Lightfoot Roman, a man whose life was a remarkable journey.

Holiday Reading

A few recommendations from our team.

Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit (Sgt. Karen Hermiston)

In October 1941, the Canadian Army Film Unit (CAFU) was formed by Captain W. G. Abel and John Grierson, considered the father of documentary film in Canada.

The Canadian Rangers

Did you know that there’s a unit of the Canadian Army that is made up of over 60% Indigenous people?

John Shiwak

John Shiwak, an Inuk from an isolated village in Labrador, was one of best snipers in the history of the Canadian military.

Veteran’s Voices

The virtual exhibition.