Kilroy was here

Did you know that World War II soldiers also shared memes? Discover the story behind Kilroy was here: the most shared meme from one continent to another.

The exact origin of Kilroy was here is still unknown, and several people have claimed to be its original creator. While it’s difficult to pinpoint its beginnings, the fact remains that the design endured beyond the war and from one continent to another. Over the years, Kilroy changed as many times as possible according to the moods of its designers, but its essence remained the same: it remained present and everywhere at once.

Right: A person draws his version of Kilroy was here for a film produced by the US Department of Defense, 1947 (source: Wiki Commons).

Cover photo: A Kilroy was here graffiti somewhere on a street in Japan (source: Wiki Commons).

Article written by Julien Lehoux for Je Me Souviens.