Exhibition Trivia: Canada and the Italian Campaign

This activity can be used as a guided visit to the exhibition Through Vines and Mines: Canada and the Italian Campaign. You can borrow the exhibition for free by writing to education@jemesouviens.org.

The activity can also be used with our virtual exhibition, linked here.

Through Mines and Vines: Canada and the Italian Campaign

This small traveling exhibition provides students with an overview of Canada’s participation in the Italian Campaign in WWII. Students will follow the paths of several Canadian heroes through Sicily and up into the Italian mainland as they beat back the Italian forces and battle the German army. The exhibition also delves into the role of Canadian women in Italy and explores the impact of the war on the Italian community at home in Canada. Composed of six easy-to-set-up panels, it features historical documents and photos and explains the campaign with colour-coded maps.

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