Exhibition – Impossible Odds: Canadians and the Battle of Hong Kong

This exhibition consists of six large panels that measure 6 feet high and 8 feet long.  The panels are flat, lightweight and easy to set up. We can bring them to your school or ship them by UPS.

The exhibition, the first in a series on WWII, delves into the global context of the war before focusing in on the experiences of the nearly 2000 Canadian soldiers who fought in Hong Kong and endured almost 4 years as Prisoners of War. The exhibition also takes a look at how the Battle affected those at home in Canada and what happened after the war. Five original videos accompany the exhibition in which veterans and family members tell the story of Hong Kong. You can also see a virtual version of this exhibition by clicking the button below.

Other Accompanying Videos

Other Activities That Might Interest You:

Understanding the Battle of Hong Kong

Students will review basic WWII concepts in the first part of the activity and then will have three options for exploring the context of the Battle of Hong Kong. Designed to accompany the exhibition.

Consensus Building Jirga

Students will analyze texts with competing ideas and will be asked to present their thoughts.

Nurses During WWI

Students will explore Canadian women’s participation in the First World War and the creation of the Canadian Army Medical Corps.