The RMR’s Beginning


Students complete activity sheet while viewing the presentation on history of the RMR and role at the beginning of WWI. See student guide for the questions.

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Replica Uniforms

Get the chance to interact with our replica uniforms from the Great War. We lend both the soldier’s and the nurse’s uniform so that every one can picture how people dressed during wartime. The uniforms offer a small insight into the daily lives of the ordinary people who participated in events that took unprecedented proportions.

Who Were the RMR Soldiers? Building Digital Profiles

More than 600 000 Canadians took part in the war effort and their military files are now digitized and available online. Using primary sources, students will create a profile for one of these Canadian soldiers.

Visit One of Our Partner Museums!

Nothing compares to a visit to our partner museums for students to directly interact with history. Guided museum tours and complementary activities make history come alive and will spark your students’ interest!