Memorials and Remembrance

Link the past with the present: Students will visit a local war memorial and/or participate in the Remembrance Day ceremonies. Teachers can visit a local war memorial in their communities or contact Je Me Souviens to inquire about their Remembrance Day ceremonies around Quebec City or Montreal. Veterans Affairs has a database of memorials that can be found here. Teachers can also organize a Remembrance Day ceremony in their own schools, if one does not already exist.

  1. Have you ever noticed this memorial before?
  2. Who is it dedicated to?
  3. Are there names listed? How many? Who are they?
  4. When was the memorial built? Why? Research this information.
  5. What is the purpose of the memorial?
  6. Why is Remembrance Day on November 11th every year?
  7. Why should you remember?

Students will ask if they can take a picture, using their cell phones, of the visit. The picture can be of a detail, the entire memorial or of themselves at the memorial. Remind students to be respectful. Students will then include the picture and write a reflection using the questions in the student guide and include an explanation of their picture.

This activity can now be filled out directly on your computers – no need to print! To use the fillable function, be sure to download the PDF.

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