Reflection on Nursing During WWI

Students will reflect upon their learning in one of the following:

  • Interview a nurse
  • Letter writing
  • Video reflection/Heritage Canada minute
1. Interview a nurse

Students will interview a practising nurse today. This can be done through family and friends, or by contacting the MUHC- McGill University Health Centre or other medical facility directly. Their goal is to find out why the person got into nursing and what their experiences are as a nurse today. They will also compare what it is like being a nurse today to WWI. Students can also  to shadow a nurse for a half day, if possible, or do an interview over the phone. (See student handout for details.)

2. Letter to a nurse

Students can write a letter to a nurse from WWI expressing their thoughts and gratitude for their work and sacrifices as nurses, for their role in women’s rights, and for their role in Canadian society today. (See the student handout for details.)

3. Video “Heritage Minute”

Students are to film themselves speaking about the role of nurses in WWI and why we should remember the sacrifices of nurses from WWI. (See student handout for details.)

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