Battles and the Cost of War

The teacher hands out the summaries of battles that can be found here. Students will summarize battles and present them to the class. They should focus on the length of the battle, battle details, Canadian innovations, strategies, courage, losses and achievements. Students will also summarize the RMR involvement in these battles. The teacher can also hand out maps of battles and ask students if they can 1) read them and 2) what information do the maps reveal? Students will present their findings informally, in small groups, 2-3 minutes per team. As each team presents, the teacher can display webpage with information, as per links above.

OPTIONAL: Vimy in Colour: The teacher can show restored photos from Vimy Ridge on this excellent webpage where scrolling to the right of left allows students and teacher to see images in black and white and then colour. It makes war a little more relatable to students’ world.

After the informal student presentations, the teacher can ask the class to discuss the following points (in small groups first, then whole group discussion) 5-10 minutes.

What do all these battles tell us about WWI?

  • How difficult was it for Canada? For the Canadian Corps? For the RMR?
  • How difficult must it have been for the soldiers individually, some not much older than you?
  • How did technology help the war effort? Hinder the physical and mental wellbeing of soldiers?
  • How successful was Canada in the end?
  • What were the major accomplishments of the RMR?

Once the class has finished discussing the challenges and victories for Canada and Canadians on a local, national and international level, including the RMR, ask the students to now try and imagine what it must have been like for the families of the men and women who were part of the war effort (soldiers, nurses etc).

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