The Victoria Cross

Students will research and create a digital profile of RMR Victoria Cross recipients and “regular” RMR soldiers. Teacher to continue Power Point while students use their activity handout on the merits of the Victoria Cross. Students can take notes on why the Victoria Cross is given, and use this information in their response. See Student handout for details.

Preamble, Victoria Cross: The Victoria Cross was instituted by Queen Victoria in 1856 to recognize and honour exceptional acts of bravery. Although 619,636 Canadians enlisted in WWI, only 70 Canadian servicemen received the Victoria Cross. Only two men of The Royal Montreal Regiment (RMR) received Victoria Crosses.

Students will now complete a digital profile for a Royal Montreal Regiment recipient of the Victoria Cross and one for a “regular” RMR soldier. They will compare achievements. See student handout for all details and requirements. Links to search for information on WWI war records for student research can be found online here.

Second part

Is there a distinction between “ordinary heroes” and Victoria Cross recipients? What is heroism? Students will now complete an assignment on the merits and acts of bravery of war and the Victoria Cross. Students will use the information learned regarding trench life and the Victoria Cross profiles, in their reflection, as per student handout. See student handout.

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