Guilty or Not? A Media Analysis

Guilty or not? Students will analyze primary and secondary source materials and take a position on whether they believe Earl Mountbatten’s version of the Dieppe Raid, or those of historians. Students will be asked to decide who is guilty for the tragedy by creating either a real or fake newspaper article. Students will then share their news story and decide if Mountbatten is guilty or not for the Canadian tragedy at Dieppe.

These activities were created as educational tools to complement the QEP secondary IV history and secondary V contemporary world courses.

In addition, the following learning activities can be used as language tools in these QEP courses: Francais langue maternelle secondaire V, IV, III, English Language Arts and FSL or ESL secondary V, IV, III. 

The goal of these activities is to allow secondary cycle two students to have a greater understanding of World War II and the Canadian Army’s first large-scale engagement in Europe: the fatal Dieppe Raid, described as one of Canada’s darkest military chapters. Students will also learn to appreciate the contributions of Canadian Armed Forces personnel from Quebec.

We invite you to download the documents available below. The student guides are now fill-in PDFs, so you can collect student work electronically.

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