Reflective Essay on Lessons From WWI

What can we learn from World War 1? This activity has students writing a reflective essay on the lessons from WWI. Students can find the information they’ll need for the reflective essay by exploring our interactive virtual exhibition. An optional PowerPoint is available here.

Additional information for students:  the end of the war for veterans and women
  • With the men overseas, women replaced them in certain economic areas. While the women’s rights movement had started before 1914, this economic freedom would foster movements that eventually led to the women’s right to vote starting in 1916.
  • By August 1919- 267,000 Canadian soldiers had been repatriated at the rate of 50,000 soldiers a month by sea.
  • Medical check-ups were performed systematically to prevent spreading of diseases.
The Spanish Flu outbreak
  • In 1918, a violent influenza epidemic was accentuated by the return of the soldiers to Canada.
  • The Spanish flu caused the death of 50,000 Canadians, nearly as many as four years of war.

This activity can now be filled out directly on your computers – no need to print! To use the fillable function, be sure to download the PDF.

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